Swab Testing Kit

We offer the Coronavirus nasal/throat swab self collection kits. Included in the kit a swab for mouth and nose along with a complete set of instructions on how to collect the swabs. These can then be posted back to the laboratory for testing in the enclosed prepaid envelope. This test is to check for current coronavirus infection as to whether the virus exists on the body or not. Some people have the virus but no symptoms whatsoever, others have mild symptoms of body ache, mild temperature and others with classic presentation of cough, headache, temperature more than 38 C and generalised aches.

Further Testing

Comprehensive, microbiology, virology and blood tests are also taken on site by out Doctor and processed at our contracted laboratory as above. Results are delivered to the clients within a day or more depending on the type of test requested.
In house consulting room
We have a dedicated private consulting room used by our doctors for services which can booked by prior appointment.
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